An AcroYoga weekend with Francesco Semino & Jaqui Wan

When: Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th February 2018
Times: 10am – 5pm
Price: Full wknd £110 for the first 10 thereafter £130
Saturday or Sunday only £70

Bookings are made via messenger or email

We are proud to announce an AcroYoga feast of a weekend, that will cover the calibrations to partner acrobatics, static balancing and transitions to the creative qualities of flow and movement.

We will openly admit our acro nerd tendencies the brings together our training experience from: –
* AcroYoga International,
* AcroYoga Montreal,
* Yoga Slackers,
* Partner Acrobatics and
* more than ten years of acrobatics training within European acrobatics.

We will cover:-
* the art of spotting;
* smart partner training progressions;
* the skills and principles to inversions;
* the nuances to partner balances, how to be precise and be challenged;
* how to train AcroYoga with longevity with self-care and massage, make it a marathon, not a sprint;
* how to collaborate with creativity and believe in your potential.

Who is this for?
* If you have a regular AcroYoga practice in excess of six months.
* Able to base or fly shoulder stand of feet/star without the aid of a spotter
* Able to base or fly foot to hand with or without a spotter
Working on handstands

Saturday 9th February 2019 10am – 5pm: Foundation & Calibration

Our intention is to get the fundamentals down, with the basic building blocks comes fantastic structures. We cover a spectrum of drills getting you into your acrobatic body; thereafter working in groups. We will cover the art of spotting to aid and or support a balance between a base and flyer.

We will refine the principles of handstands, hand to hand, reverse hand to hand and all the main acro inversions along with other static balances moving from there to the shifting and receiving of weight with transitions. The day will end with time for self-care and massage.

Sunday 10th February 2019 10am – 5pm: Creativity & Collaboration

Once warmed up we recap on the principles of the previous day and move the room into creativity and expression. We will look at the value of solo movement from yoga and dance and the ability to listen and feel what feels good your own body. Thereafter we want to explore the listing qualities when collaborating with others.

We would like to share a creative flow and get the room to find their own creations that enable participants to bring together the principles shared from the weekend. Again we do not leave the day without taking time for self-care and massage.