Acroyoga solar Immersion @ Bewater – orvieto


with Chris Loebsack & Jacob Handwerker

May 20 to 25, 2016

Francesco and Valeria Semino from Genova and Brian Davis from the States will be joining the teaching team and support you on this incredible journey.

Get ready to push past your own personal limits in a fun and safe environment!

The Solar Immersion empowers you to realize your infinite potential through the powerful embodiment of acrobatic

partnership. Linear progressions and an emphasis on the art of spotting make learning advanced acrobatics safe, accessible, and fun.

Confidence and coordination are developed in strength training and inversions, which pave the way for ease and grace in partner acrobatics. After refining foundations, we will train more precise acrobatic work, such as foot-to-hand, hand-to-hand and standing acrobatics.

Check out the Pre-Req Video:

…and if you are not sure if you are ready, just ask us and we support you and find a way to get you ready!

– Solar AcroYoga Asana sequence.
– Strength training elements to make your body smarter and stronger.
– Alignment, balance and endurance in inversions
– advanced Spotting techniques
– double base explorations and pops
– foot-to-hand, hand-to-hand & standing acrobatics


8 to 9 Asana
9 to 10AM Breakfast
10:30 to 13:00 AM training

13:00 Lunch

16:00 to 19:00 PM training
19:30 Dinner

20:30 Special events some nights


BeWater Retreat Center
Orvieto, Italy


Yoga Fee:
Early bird 495 euros before April 8th.
Full Price 595 euros

Lodging Fees per person for 5 nights at BeWater:

Tent Camping: 175 euros

Single Bed in a Shared Dorm Room: 250 euros

The following two options are for two people who want/willing to share a bed:

Double bed in a Shared Dorm Room: 225 euros
Private Double Room: 375 euros

*This is a residential Immersion, which means food & accommodation are included in the price. After you book the Yoga Tuition you will be sent a form to pick your housing option and complete your registration and housing payment.

Cancellation Policy *
Cancel before April 20th, 2016 and you will receive a full refund minus a 50 euro processing fee. Cancel between April 21st and May 1st, 2016 and you will receive a 50% refund. After May 1st no refunds are possible.

Location: –

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Acroyoga easter retreat, bewater reborn!

Un nuovo ritiro di acroyoga nell’ormai super apprezzata cornice del centro ritiri BeWater ad Orvieto!

****English below!****

Be water retreat center apre con un evento speciale per inaugurare la nuova stagione:

Be water Reborn!

Si vuole celebrare la primavera, la voglia di rinascita della natura, del corpo e dello spirito. L’idea di chiamarlo “Reborn” nasce dal significato più antico della festa pasquale, un momento di passaggio e purificazione, in cui lasciarsi indietro l’inverno e con esso le nostre tane, quei luoghi o qualità nelle quali ci chiudiamo, per aprirsi al nuovo che nasce e celebrare la vita.

Non mancheranno le uova, simbolo della nascita e della vita, di cioccolato e non, saranno anche per noi un gioco con cui divertirci a festeggiare la primavera entrante.

4 giorni per disintossicarsi mangiando deliziosi piatti vegani e vegetariani a base di frutta e verdura di stagione, condividendo le proprie passioni con yogi, acroyogi e amanti del thai da tutta Europa e seguendo i ritmi di vita della natura. Ci sveglieremo con la meditazione e accompagnerà il nostro sonno una serata di kirtan, thai relax, jam.

Aperto a praticanti e non di tutti i livelli.

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Be water Reborn celebrates spring, the nature, body and spirit’s rebirthing desire. The idea of calling it “Reborn” is coming from the ancient meaning of Easter celebration: a moment of transition and purification, where leaving behind heavy winter time and our refuges, those places or qualities in which we hidden inside, and open to the new born springtime celebrating life.  You’ll not miss the Easter eggs (chocolate or real eggs!), a italian tradition symbol of birth and life. We’ll play with them to have fun and celebrate the incoming spring.  Be water Reborn are also 4 days of detox, where eating delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes based on seasonal fruits and vegetables, sharing our passions with yogis, acroyogis and thai lovers from all over Europe and following the life natural rhythms. We’ll wake up with meditation and accompany our sleep at night with kirtan music, Thai relaxation, or acroyoga jam for energetic dreams.  Open to all levels …practitioners and not 😉




Un detox di tutti i sensi 🙂

a full sense detox!


24 March:

16-19 Arrival time/ orario d’arrivo (si prega arrivare in orario! Please arrive on time!)

19 Veggie Cena/Dinner

21 Welcome and open circle

25- 27 March

Full bewater day!

7.00 meditation

7.30 yoga practice

8.30 handstands

9.00 breakfast

10.30 AcroYoga

13.00 Lunch

15.30 Thai massage

19.30 Dinner

21.00 Kirtan concerts, jam, thai massage,…

28 March

7.00 meditation

7.30 yoga practice

8.30 handstands

9.00 breakfast

10.30 AcroYoga & Thai massage

13.00 Lunch

15 -GoodBye! 🙂

When you refrain from habitual thoughts and behavior, the uncomfortable feelings will still be there. They don’t magically disappear. Over the years, I’ve come to call resting with the discomfort “the detox period,” because when you don’t act on your habitual patterns, it’s like giving up an addiction. You’re left with the feelings you were trying to escape.
The practice is to make a wholehearted relationship with that.
Pema Chodron



The villa:

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Tutti i prezzi includono posto letto, pasti e lezioni.

All the price include accomodation, meals and all the classes.


early bird 1/3 400€
after 1st march 450€

Maxi sconto chi ha già partecipato a un bewater 370€ entro 1/3.

If you already partecipate to a bewater retreat, special price: 370€

Rimborsi possibili fino ad una settimana dall’evento (17/3).

Refund possible until one week before the event (17/3).




save your spot
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Acroyoga Reborn Retreat Orvieto 24 -28 march 2016@ Be water
Subscription form here
Iscriviti qui!
Thank you for joining our retreat in Orvieto, get ready to be water! :). We're excited to share this special residential experience with you. Please take a few minutes to fill in this form and complete your registration. Thank you.


Grazie per unirti al nostro ritiro a Orvieto, stai pronto a: "be water"! Siamo super felici di condividere quest'esperienza residenziale con te. Per cortesia prenditi qualche minuto per completare questo form e confermare la tua iscrizione. Grazie!

Date of birthData di nascita
Codice FiscaleOnly italians 🙂
Telephone NumberNumero di telefono
0 / 20
Genderpick one 🙂

24 march 2016 arrival day!

Ideal arrive time: 3pm - 6pm!


Please bring a sleeping bag, towels and a swimming suit!Per favore portati il sacco a pelo, asciugamani e il costume! *

Price summary

early bird before 1/3 400€

after 1st march 450€

Maxi sconto chi ha già partecipato a un bewater 370€ entro 1/3.

Rimborsi possibili fino ad una settimana dall'evento 17/3. 

If you already partecipate to a bewater retreat, special price: 370€, before 1/3

Refund possible until one week before the event 17/3.

C/c Banco Posta 

Francesco Semino


Bic Swift:


Save your spot 50€[field27][field27*field5]
early bird 350€[field27][field27*field5]

All the meals will be vegetarian with vegan option and gluten free -- Tutti i pasti saranno vegetariani con opzione vegan e senza glutine

dietary restrictions or serious food allegiers?Diete particolari o serie allergie alimentari?
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How did you hear about the retreat?Come sei venuto a conoscenza del ritiro?
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Comments/ Questions?Domande o commenti!?
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