Tanti acroauguri!

Christmas time, a period of the year dedicated to give and receive…I’m realizing that every year I’m slowing down: less presents, less hurry, less money expense, less food, less worry, less precision, less talking and I’m getting more present, more devoted to the meaning of giving and receiving.

I’ve been a “giver freak”, my presents were always so perfectly associated to the receivers, I was surprising them with my care and dedication. I always enjoyed it so much, thinking the best present and waiting for my friends opening it.

One day I’ve been asked: “why do you need to make me a present? Why so beautiful, I cannot even effort to give back to you something similar, I’ll be embarrassed and always feeling “less” compared to what you gift me”. I was shocked, before that I’ve always thought to make presents for the pleasure of  giving, for the pleasure of my friends…

That person made me changing point of view, I went home with sadness and that new question in my mind…why?

I realized that sometimes a present replaces presence, that perfection tries to make a patch to cover all the big or little holes, the times we missed the other in our relationships.

I’m getting less and slow, I’m getting present in the present…not necessarily with a perfect gift, but with all my limitations and treasures.

I still like to make something special, I love surprises and I found myself delighted in receiving it for the first times…I was too busy in judging the gap between my present and the one of my friends.

My suggestion for the new year and strongly intention is to continue tasting the pleasure of each relationship, giving ourselves the time to stay in it with all our heart, mind, body, soul, voice, thoughts, hands, fears, emotions…”

” Come la primavera è la mia gioia,
tanto calda da far sbocciare fiori su ogni sentiero della vita…
Chiamatemi con i miei veri nomi,
ve ne prego, così potrò svegliarmi,
e la porta del cuore resterà spalancata:
la porta della compassione.”
(Thich Nath Hanh)
Tantissimi acroauguri e che ci siano tanti giorni da festeggiare, non per eventi speciali, ma perché possiamo sentire e celebrare le piccole e grandi gioie del quotidiano!
Con affetto,
Valeria e Francesco

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